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Softgen Infotech is rated as one of the Best CCNP Training Institutes in Bangalore based on Google and other third party reviews. We have completed over 2000 Training classes in CCNP and provided 100% placement assistance to students. Over the past 5 years, Team at Softgen Infotech is dedicated to provide High-Quality Training in CCNP.

Trainers at Softgen Infotech are handpicked from CCNP Industry and will have a minimum of 5 years of experience in implementing CCNP Technology. All CCNP Trainers are Professional real-time working consultants who offer hands on experience based on live scenarios.

Our CCNP training center in Bangalore is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for providing you real time training experience. We also provide certification training programs in CCNP.  We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our students in major MNC Companies, after successful completion of the course. We provide 100% placement support for our students.

CCNP Training Course Content 

Course Material for CCNP is designed as per current scenarios and will help students in understanding the CCNP concept in detail. Our CCNP Training Syllabus covers all the topics related to CCNP Technology and gives a clear understanding of live scenarios to students. Our CCNP experts at Softgen Infotech Training Institute, Bangalore have developed a unique way of teaching CCNP in an efficient manner.

View Detailed CCNP syllabus and topics covered in CCNP training in Bangalore in the Syllabus section below

Our CCNP training is conducted on both weekdays and weekends depending on the participant’s requirement. We do offer Fast-Track CCNP Training in Bangalore and One-to-One Training for CCNP in Bangalore. Every topic will be covered in a practical way with real-time examples.

CCNP Training Course Fee

We Charge nominal amount for CCNP Training in Bangalore and are committed to provide high-quality training. Course fee for CCNP is affordable and best price when compared to any other institute with good quality standards.

Flexible and Digital payment options are available for CCNP Training students. Contact us today to schedule a free demo and get details on CCNP Training in Bangalore.

CCNP Training Course Fees

We Charge nominal amount for CCNP Training in Bangalore and are committed to provide high-quality training. Course fee for CCNP Training is affordable and best price when compared to any other institute with good quality standards.

Flexible and Digital payments options are available for CCNP Training students.

CCNP Training Course Duration & Batch Timings

Duration : 30 Hours Version : latest Version
Regular : 1 Hour per day Fast Track : 2 - 3 Hours per day: 10 days
Weekdays : Monday - Friday Weekend : Saturday and Sunday
Online Training : Available Class Room Training : Available
Course Fee : Talk to our Customer Support Mode of Payment : Talk to our Customer Support

CCNP Training Trainer Profile

  • 5+ Years of Experience in Industry
  • Real-Time Consultant in Major MNC
  • Has trained over 2000 students
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge in CCNP Training
  • Certified Professionals
  • Hands on experience with live projects
  • One-to-One guidance in practical classes

CCNP Training and Placement in Bangalore

  • More than 2000+ students Trained
  • 98% percent Placement Record
  • Organized over 2000+ Interviews

Our CCNP Training Center Located in BTM Layout, Bangalore

Our Training Center Located in BTM Layout, Bangalore is Very Near and Accessible from below locations

  • JP Nagar
  • Koramangala
  • Bannerghatta Road
  • Silk Board
  • Madivala



CCNP Training Reviews

Softgen Infotech

4.9 out of 5
based on 2316 ratings.

Live and Interactive Sessions for CCNP Training
Realtime and Job Oriented Course Content for CCNP Training
Practical Classes with Well Equipped Lab Facilities for CCNP Training
Interview Prepration and Placement Assistance for CCNP Training

CCNP Training Course Content

Section 1: Introduction

  • CCNP Introduction
  • Building Routing table
  • Preview
  • Floating static-default routing
  • Floating static-default routing - Continued
  • Default CCNP Lab setup
  • Using GNS3 Simulation

Section 2: Default Routes in IGP

  • Advertising Default route
  • Default Route Advertisement-RIPV2
  • Default Route Advertisement- OSPF
  • Default Route Advertisement- EIGRP

Section 3: Summarization- IPv4

  • summarization overview
  • summarization types
  • summarization calculation ex1
  • summarization shortcut
  • summarization EIGRP LAB

Section 4: EIGRP

  • Introduction to EIGRP
  • EIGRP Process
  • EIGRP metric
  • understanding FD and AD
  • Feasible condition

Section 5: EIGRP Optimization

  • EIGRP Load balancing-Equal cost
  • EIGRP Load balancing-Unequal cost
  • EIGRP Stuck-in-Active
  • EIGRP Stub

Section 6: Basic OSPF

  • OSPF-Introduction
  • OSPF Process-Stage 1-5
  • OSPF Process-Stage6-7
  • LAB-Verify Basic OSPF Process
  • Concept of Areas in OSPF
  • LAB-Multi-Area OSPF

Section 7: Redistribution

  • Redistribution-Introduction
  • EIGRP- RIP-Redistribution
  • OSPF RIP Redistribution
  • OSPF EIGRP Redistribution
  • Redistribution -Mock lab

Section 8: Routing Protocol Authentication

  • Authentication RIP
  • Authentication EIGRP
  • Authentication OSPF

Section 9: OSPF Advance

  • OSPF virtual links
  • LAB OSPF virtual links
  • OSPF network Types- DR-BDR
  • OSPF network Types- DR-BDR-Continued
  • LAB-OSPF Broadcast Multi-access network - DR-BDR
  • OSPF LSA Types

Section 10: OSPF Stubs

  • OSPF Stubs-Introduction
  • LAB-OSPF Stubs
  • OSPF Totally stub
  • LAB-OSPF Totally Stub
  • Not-so-stubby Area
  • LAB-Not-so-stubby Area
  • Totally Not-so-Stubby Area
  • Quick Review

Section 11: IPV6 basics

  • IPV6- Introduction
  • IPv6 Addressing
  • IPV6 Address types
  • IPV6 Static Addressing
  • IPV6 Layer 2 Options
  • IPv6 EUI-64 Format
  • Stateless Address Auto Configuration-SLAAC

Section 12: IPV6 routing

  • Static-Default Routing
  • RIPng
  • OSPFv3
  • EIGRP-IPv6

Section 13: IPV6 Redistribution

  • IPV6 RIPng -RIPng Redistribution
  • OSPFv3- RIPng Redistribution
  • EIGRP6- OSPFv3 Redistribution

Section 14: IPV6 Summarization

  • RIPng Summarization
  • EIGRP6 Summarization
  • OSFv3 Summarization

Section 15: Route Filtering Options

  • Introduction to Route Filtering
  • Passive Interface
  • LAB-Verify Passive interface
  • Distribution-List
  • LAB-Distribution List
  • IP Prefix-Lists
  • LAB-Verify Prefix-list
  • LAB-Verify Prefix-list-Continued

Section 16: Route-maps

  • Route-Maps-Introduction
  • LAB-Route-maps
  • LAB-Route-maps-Continued
  • Route-filtering using Route-maps

Section 17: Policy Based Routing

  • Policy Based Routing
  • PBR based on Source
  • PBR based on destination
  • PBR based on Services
  • PBR based on Packet size

Section 18: BGP Introduction

  • BGP Introduction
  • when BGP is more Appropriate
  • BGP options connecting to Internet

Section 19: BGP Neighbours

  • understanding BGP neighbours
  • IBGP neighbours -LAB
  • BGP Split Horizon Rule
  • IBGP neighbours using loopbacks -LAB
  • IBGP neighbours using Loopback-LAB-Continuation

Section 20: Advance BGP neighbour options

  • BGP authentication
  • Peer groups
  • Route Reflectors

Section 21: External BGP

  • Basic EBGP configuration
  • Using nexthopself
  • EBGP using loopback –EBGP multihop
  • BGP synchronization Rule

Section 22: BGP Attributes

  • Understanding BGP attributes
  • ASpath-origin-nexthop
  • weight & local preference

Section 23: Weight and Local Preference

  • Path Manipulation using weight
  • path manipulation using Weight -continued
  • weight using routemaps-LAB
  • understanding IN OUT
  • using Local preference
  • Local Preference with Route-maps
  • BGP path selection process
  • Clear ip bgp sessions

Section 24: Layer 2 Wan Technologies

  • PPP authentication -PAP-CHAP
  • Verify PAP-CHAP Authentication
  • PPP Multilink
  • Ethernet WAN (Metro Ethernet)
  • PPPoE - Theory-basic Configuration
  • Frame-Relay
  • Verify Basic Frame-Relay

Section 25: VPN technologies

  • Introduction to VPN networks
  • VPN over Internet
  • VPN models overview
  • Generic Routing encapsulation
  • Default Lab setup
  • LAB- GRE point to point Configuration
  • LAB- GRE point to point Configuration Advance
  • Drawbacks of GRE
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN

Section 26: Access-Control-List

  • ACL Introduction
  • standard ACL1
  • Standard ACL-Continued
  • ACL Rules
  • Extended ACL -Configuration
  • Extended ACL -Verification
  • Named ACL
  • Time based ACL
  • IPv6 ACL

Section 27: Device Access security

  • login authentication
  • Login Password enhancements
  • External Authentication using AAA
  • External sever based Authentication -LAB

Section 28: IP Services

  • DHCP-Overview
  • Router as DHCP server
  • DHCP Relay Agent
  • DHCPv6 Configuration
  • DHCPv6 Relay Agent
  • Logging on Cisco Routers

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